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Woof’s Sponsorship of Exploration Place

Woof’s Play & Stay is proud to be a Gold Sponsor for the Dogs! A Science Tail exhibit at Exploration Place in Wichita, KS. The exhibit is running now through September 5, 2022.

Woof’s is passionate about supporting the local community and helping educate all ages about all things dogs. It is important to know the possibilities and responsibilities that come with the addition of a furry friend and this exhibit provides a terrific opportunity to experience just that.

Dogs! A Science Tail is a playful and immersive traveling exhibit that allows a person to step into a dog's world and experience it the way dogs do. It also allows one to explore the bond between humans and dogs, one of the most extraordinary interspecies partnerships of all.

At the exhibition, visitors can expect to learn a multitude of things about dogs: from how they think and communicate, to how their traits make them perfectly suitable to be our closest companions. Learn tips on how to care for a dog, share opinions on controversial dog issues, and consider what is next for the future of dogs.

Exploration Place has also given visitors the opportunity to experience the Canin Stars Dog Stunt Show. Where the Canin Stars perform high-dive dock diving, freestyle disc tricks, high jumping, big air stunts, agility skills, fly ball racing, and more.

At Woof’s Play & Stay we are your pups home away from home and know that your pup is family! Stop by any of our Woof’s locations to get a BOGO coupon for tickets to the exhibit.

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