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Easy Ways to Get Your Pup Exercise

Exercise is necessary for all of us, but sometimes it can be difficult to get your pup their needed exercise whether that be it’s cold outside or you’re not able take them for a walk. Whatever the situation maybe, we have mapped out some easy ways to get your dog their needed exercise.

Frisbee or Fetch

Frisbee or fetch can be easily implemented into your everyday life! If you have a free hand,

you should be able to wear your pup out throwing a frisbee, ball, bone, or any of your pup’s favorite toys. Some of these things may require you to go outside so you don’t accidentally break something in your home, but this is such a good way to get your pup their needed exercise while still being able to do other things like scroll on your phone or relax after a long day.

Tug of War

Similar to frisbee or fetch, tug of war can be done whenever you have a free hand! Such an easy way to tire out your pup while putting in minimal effort, this may become your favorite way to get your pup’s energy out. This activity can be done while lying on the couch relaxing or watching television, or even when you’re on your phone. Another option with tug toys is that you can invest in some that adhere to the ground or the wall. This would take you out of the equation while still tiring out your pup.

Dog Daycare

A super easy way to get your pup their needed exercise without having to take too much time out of your day is using a doggy daycare! Lucky for you, we have the perfect place to take your four-legged family member. Woof’s Play & Stay offers socialization and play for your pup, all catered to their specific needs. Before bringing your pup to their first DayPlay day, we offer a free Meet & Greet to get to know your pup and let them get comfortable in this new environment. With slow introduction, we are able to see your pup’s specific play style so they can be matched to the correct yard. Once completed, you can bring your pup into Woof’s for all day play which will leave them happy and exhausted when they go home. At Woof’s there are also special, activity days that will you make your pup even more tuckered out from fun play!

There are so many different ways you can squeeze in exercise for your pup into your everyday life, let us know how you find the right balance!

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