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2023 Pet Trends to Look Out For

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

As we ring in the New Year, we wanted to give a preview of pet trends you will see in 2023!

Lick Mats

These are silicone mats with ridges and groves that lock food in, providing a stimulating surface for your pup to interact with. The mats can be served at room temperature or frozen and they help slow down the eating process for pups. Slowing down the eating process can help eliminate painful bloat and harm to their airways. LickMats can also be used to alleviate stress for anxious and high energy pups, as well as mental stimulation great for calming and positive reinforcement.

Pet Supplements

Just like humans, dogs need supplements to improve their health and well-being. Vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are key in providing a pup with the right energy, a shiny coat, and strong immune system. Before giving supplements to your pup, check with your vet to ensure the supplements are safe for your furry friend.

Doggy Daycare & Overnight Boarding Services Due to the Return to Work Trend Post-COVID

Woof’s provides doggy daycare and overnight boarding services, among other things. Our DayPlay provides a dog-friendly space for your pup to socialize with other pups, with playrooms specifically designed for your dog to be their full doggy selves without having to worry about their safety, causing a disruption, or making a mess. They can spend their time running around, playing, sniffing, or taking a snooze without any interruption! On days that are calling for bad weather where taking your pup outside is difficult, DayPlay gives them an opportunity to get that daily exercise they need. When you need time to focus while working from home or working on home projects, scheduling multiple DayPlays throughout the week will come in handy for your focus and your pup’s interaction needs too. NightStay makes travel arrangements easy for owners and their pets! Pups will be occupied with fun all day long with guaranteed DayPlay during their stay and have their own individual suites with comfy Kuranda beds. Owners also have camera access to their pups activity in the play yards as well as in upgraded suites, which offers peace of mind to owners as they travel, knowing their pet is safe and enjoying their home away from home.

We are so excited for all the new trends to come in 2023 and we are even more excited to see your pup at Woof’s Play & Stay for all the DayPlay and NightStays to come this new year!

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