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Prevent This Silent Disease From Affecting Your Pup

February is Pup Dental Health Month! To celebrate, we are discussing the signs of dental disease to look for and ways to prevent it.

Signs of Dental Disease

Dental disease begins in the early years of a pup’s life. By the age of three, most dogs and cats have some degree of dental disease. Indications of the disease can be bad breath, yellow tartar build up, red swollen gums, thick saliva, facial swelling, dropping food while eating, rubbing their face with paws or against a hard surface, and excessive drooling. Dental disease results in discomfort, chronic pain, and tooth loss for your pup. It’s important to be proactive against this silent disease.

Ways to Prevent Dental Disease

Regularly cleaning to your pup’s water and food bowl with soap and water will help limit lingering bacteria. Letting your pup chew on toys or dental treats with texture is another way to help combat the disease. This kind of chewing promotes the gnawing of teeth, and this helps scrubbing plaque buildup breaking down any debris. The best way to prevent dental disease is to make sure your pup is getting daily, at-home teeth cleaning paired with the occasional professional teeth cleaning. This will leave your pup with fresh breath, healthy gums, and overall better oral health. Ask your veterinarian what toothbrush and toothpaste they recommend for your pup to use.

Be sure to take advantage of discounts and specials being offered this month. We encourage you to ask your local veterinarian office about deals and check out what we have to offer at Woof's!

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