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Woof's Play & Stay Top Pup Names

Last week our team compiled a list of all pups to ever come in to Woof's to find the most popular pup names between all of our locations! Before you continue scrolling, can you guess what the most popular pup name was?

It is important to choose a name that fits your pup! From a husky to a poodle, each pup has unique characteristics and personality; their name is a great way to represent that.

Another reason your pup's name is important: training. You will say your pup's name to get their attention or connect it to a command you are giving them. It has been found that short, two-syllable names are the best when you are training a dog.

Now let us present the top 10 names of our pups!

1. Bella

2. Charlie

3. Lucy

4. Max

5. Luna

6. Daisy

7. Cooper

8. Bailey

9. Sadie

10. Molly

Looking for a more unique name for your pup? Check out this video below!

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