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Vacation Time - Boarding or Home Care?

The holidays are quickly approaching, and as you make your travel plans, you may be feeling guilty about leaving your dog behind. Thankfully, Woof's has multiple options to make sure your pet's vacation is just as relaxing as your own. Depending on your pet's energy level and desire for socialization, you may choose to give your lucky pup a vacation stay at your local Woof's, or take advantage of our Woof's at Home services and have one of our qualified staff stop at your home to take care of your dog. Not sure which is best for you? Let us help you decide.

Woof's Nightstay

Nightstay services are best suited for pups who are comfortable around other dogs, and don't mind being away from home. Depending on your dog's size, and the length of your vacation, we offer different sizes of suites to ensure your pup's comfort. All of our suites include elevated Kuranda® beds. Choose a luxury suite to give your best friend more privacy, along with a TV and a fan for comfort while they sleep. Luxury suites also give you peace of mind that your best friend is safe, happy, and comfortable by allowing you to check in on our 24/7 webcams.

While your pup is staying with us, they may enjoy up to 8 hours of daycare in our yards with other dogs of the same energy level. They will play, socialize, and romp around with their favorite friends and packleaders. They will learn basic manners from our staff who reinforces good behaviors, and spend enough time out and about to ensure they are tuckered out for a good night's sleep. While your pup is in the play yard, you can still check in with them, as all of our yards also include cameras to watch your dog play!

Anytime your dog stays with us for 5 or more nights, we will provide them with a complimentary departure bath before you pick them up. Your dog will come back to you squeaky clean and smelling fresh. Add on any grooming services your dog needs, such as a brush out, file, or teeth cleaning to make sure they are looking and feeling their best.

Nightstay offers your dog a home away from home, where they have constant attention and love from our trained caregivers and their furry friends. We take pride in ensuring the safety and happiness of every pet left in our care. If you're curious about our facilities and staff, call your local Woof's Play & Stay today to book a tour. Any pups who wish to board with us must be up to date on all vaccines (Distemper/Parvo, Bordatella (every 6 months), and Rabies), and must be altered if over 6 months old. Pups also must complete a free "Meet & Greet" of at least 4 hours so that our staff can get a sense of where they would fit in the yard, and the pup can get used to our facilities before staying overnight.

Is your furry friend of the feline variety? Some of our locations also offer kitty care, where your cat will be treated to a private, multi-level condo. They will have plenty of time outside of the condo to roam around and explore, and our staff will ensure they have fresh food and water all day. Be sure to ask your local Woof's about taking care of your kitty!

Woof's At Home

If Woof's Nightstay isn't an option for your pets, for whatever reason, consider asking about Woof's at Home. Our staff will visit your home each day, as many times per day as you request, to take care of your pets. We will take them on walks, let them in the yard to play, and give them all the love and attention they deserve while you're away. We will give them any medication they need on time, and ensure their food and water is always fresh. This option is best for dogs and pets who are comfortable being left alone in their homes for longer periods of time.

Woof's at home also affords you the peace of mind of knowing your home is being looked after while you are away. Our staff will help by bringing in your mail, watering your plants, looking after any fish or reptiles you have, and clean up any messes made by your pets. Our trustworthy staff will take care of your home as if it were our own. We will send you pictures and updates of your pets while you are away so you can be certain they are well taken care of.

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