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Thanksgiving Foods You Can Share with Your Dog

At Woof's, we're grateful for our furry family members. We understand that the celebrations and festivities should always include our dogs, but it's still important to keep them safe and healthy. This Thanksgiving, give your pups a seat at the table with these delicious treats!

While it can be tempting to feed your dogs directly off your human plate, it's important to remember that dogs are more sensitive to added fats, sugars, and carbohydrates than humans are. They may not be able to digest some of your favorite Thanksgiving treats, but with a few modifications, your dogs will be very grateful for you.

Main Course

The good news for a happy Thanksgiving feast is that dogs love turkey, and turkey is safe for dogs! It is very important to ensure there are no bones in the turkey pieces you give to your dogs. It is very easy for dogs to choke, or for the bones to get lodged in their digestive tract, which could cause anything from mild discomfort to massive internal injury and even death. Turkey is best for dogs when it is unseasoned, but cooked - do not give your dog any skin. Slice up some mouthwatering meat and let your pup enjoy the spoils of the season.

Other popular options for the table on Thanksgiving may not be the best option for your dog. Stay away from giving your pup any pork products like ham or bacon. Dogs struggle to digest pork products, and eating them can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and other discomfort.

Side Dishes

What's a good Thanksgiving meal without all the fixin's? Your dog can eat some of the same side dishes your family traditionally enjoys every year. For example, sweet potatoes are delicious for humans and for dogs! Simply boil sweet potatoes as if you were preparing for your family, but take your dog's portion before adding any extras like butter, brown sugar, salt or marshmallows.

Most other vegetable dishes are good for dogs too, such as green beans, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. Again, make sure these vegetables are cooked soft enough that your dog can comfortably eat them and take out their portion before adding any extra fats or seasonings that could give your pup an upset tummy. Vegetables to avoid giving your dog are onions, corn, and mushrooms.

Our furry friends may also enjoy a good dinner roll with their feast - as long as it is baked appropriately. Unbaked dough can make your dog very sick, so be sure to keep this far out of reach. Also keep in mind that just like for humans, bread can act as a filler food which doesn't provide much nutrition to your pet, so keep the bread to a minimum.

Unfortunately, your dog should stay away from any stuffing that is on the table. The seasonings in stuffing are usually not good for your dog's stomach. Also avoid giving your pup anything that has raisins or grapes, gravy, any garlicy food, or cranberries.


Everyone's favorite part of the Thanksgiving feast is the dessert - as long as you can save room! Your pups can also enjoy a sweet treat on Thanksgiving! While the family slices up some pumpkin pie, your dog can have canned, cooked, or puréed pumpkin. Dogs also love anything with peanut butter, and apples are safe as well. Remember to make sure your pup doesn't ingest any chocolate, however, as this can be very dangerous.

If you're going to be missing your furry friend this year while traveling, consider boarding them at Woof's Play & Stay. We will make sure your dog feels all the love and attention they would normally get at home, as well as making sure they get to celebrate the holiday. Check with your local Woof's to see what holiday packages they are currently offering, including a Thanksgiving meal for your pup! You can feel like they are right at the table with you by checking in to our online webcams anytime, day or night!

The Woof's family is forever grateful to all of our wonderful clients, and so thankful that we get to be a part of your family. We wish you a happy, safe, and healthy holiday.

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