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Summer Road Trip Tips!

Road Trips

Summer is the time for road trips for you and your pup! Before you get on the road, prepare yourself and your pup with these helpful tips.

Most importantly, make sure your pup is safe in the vehicle by using a seatbelt/harness or a secure crate. For more specific options on these, read our blog post here to figure out what works best for you and your pup! Make sure to purchase these items well in advance to give your pup the opportunity to take a short drive in his or her new crate or harness. You want your pup to feel comfortable before the big trip.

The day before or the day of, make sure to give your pup plenty of exercise so they are a little calmer and more relaxed going into the trip. This will help them to sleep on the way, which means less distractions for the driver. Avoid feeding a full meal before getting on the road, some pups will get motion sickness and a full tummy will only make this worse.

Pack their bag just like you would your own, bring their blanket and a toy that they enjoy chewing on or playing with. You can also bring a natural calming agent such as a pheromone collar, diffuser, or spray, and calming chews/treats. These may not work for all pets, but sometimes help keep them relaxed during stressful trips.

Resources for road trips

  • Bring Fido is a website where pet parents can find pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and beaches around the U.S. They help ensure you are booked in a pet-friendly room, and they include any associated fees or limitations when bringing a pet.

  • Emergency Vet USA is a website that shows you vets in your current location that are open 24/7. Especially when you go out of town, it is hard to know where you can take your pet in an emergency, and this is where Emergency Vet USA can help!

  • The Red Cross also has a Pet First Aid and Emergency App. It contains information for basic first aid, CPR, and other resources that every pet parent should review and have on hand. Always bring a pet first aid kit on a road trip so you have supplies on hand if needed.

Planning and preparation

Prepare ahead of time for your road trip by planning out your rest stops along the way. You want to make sure wherever you stop is far enough away from a busy road to keep you pup safe. You will also want to plan out meals for you and your pup. It is never a good idea to leave your pet unattended in the car while you are inside eating, so find places where your pup can eat outside with you or plan ahead meals to eat on the go.

Hotel Tips

You will need to check a hotel’s pet policy in advance of booking for your road trip. With the current conditions and coronavirus, some hotels have changed their pet policies, but many are still accepting pets. However, because this can vary based on the local regulations and is changing frequently, it’s best to reach out to the hotel directly if anything is confusing. Airbnb’s are also becoming very popular as a place to stay while travelling. Make sure that you book a pet-friendly Airbnb before getting on the road!

Pre-Trip Training

Recall, or training your pup to come when called, is an important and possibly life-saving command. Take some time with your pup in advance of your trip in case your pup gets loose somewhere, or they are spending time off-leash hiking, camping, rafting, or participating in another activity during your trip.

Things not to do on a road trip

  • Blasting music can be jarring for a pet and make it difficult for them to relax and sleep.

  • Do not unbuckle your pet’s seatbelt harness until you have them secured on their leash. This helps prevent accidental loose pets.

  • Road trips tend to be full of snacks, so make sure your pet does not have access to your human snacks.

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