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Summer Activities you can do with your Dog!

Are you looking for fun things that both you and your dog can do as the weather is warming up and summer is getting closer? While you are deciding on your vacation plans, and daily activities, remember that your furry family member may also be ready to get out of the house for an activity! There are plenty of options for every breed whether that is traveling somewhere, or just doing some exploring of your local community. Learn about these dog friendly ideas to incorporate your pooch in your summer fun!

Road Trip

Are you and your family itching to get out of the house? There are plenty of dog friendly destinations you can travel to! Whether you travel by car, or RV there are plenty of things you can look in to to make sure your dog travels safely with you such as a car harness, kennels, and car seats. But before you hit the road, make sure to plan your paw-fect vacation by making sure the restaurants and hotels that you visit are dog friendly. To make sure your destination is dog friendly, check out!

Bringing your dog with you does take some extra planning! Don't forget to pack enough food for your entire trip, as well as any medications that they may take. If you feel like traveling with your dog sounds fun, but may stress them out too much, consider Woof's Play & Stay's Boarding Services. Your dog can have a relaxing vacation in the comfort and care of our packleaders, while you are away. Curious how they are doing during your trip? Sign up for digital pupdates, and take a peak at our web-cams!

Outdoor Activities

Do you live near a national park or a local trail? Enjoy exploring with your dog in tow! An opportunity for your dog to explore the outdoors with you isn't just great for them physically, but it also provides mental stimulation due to the sounds, sights, and smells that your dog isn't familiar with. Make sure to thoroughly research any canine rules that these places may have, and be sure to follow any leash ordinances that could be in place. You will also want to make sure to bring water and a bowl for them so that they don't get dehydrated.

Swimming & Water Fun

Do you have a water loving dog? There are many safe ways to enjoy swimming or splashing with your dog in places besides your backyard. Do you live near a beach or a lake? If dogs are allowed, try bringing them with, especially during the hotter months! We reccomend if they will be on the beach to bring a long leash, just to ensure their safety if they try exploring into deeper areas. If you are boating with your dog, you may consider purchasing a dog life jacket in order to not put their doggie paddling to the test too much.

Another fun water option for your dog may be your local pool at the end of the season. Many pools in their final days will host a dog-friendly swimming event before they drain the pools for the season. It also is a great way to support your local parks and rec, or other community organizations!

Not near a pool? No worries! Woof's Play & Stay has you covered. Many of our facilities have in ground swimming pools that your dog can enjoy during their daycare or boarding stay with us. We also have smaller above ground pool options at every location.

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