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Reasons You Should Adopt a Senior Dog

Thinking about adopting a new pup but not sure you want a new puppy? Senior, or pups that are even just a few years old are great additions to the family. Here are jut a few reasons you should add a senior dog to your pack.

1. Senior pets are (usually) already trained.

Most senior dogs have already been trained, especially potty trained and basic commands so you rarely have to worry about them chewing up clothing or having an accident in the house. There is still always a chance of accidents, especially when adjusting a new dog to a new place, but most of the time once they are comfortable, they will not have any issues.

2. Senior pets go with the flow.

Senior dogs do not usually require quite as much attention as a puppy does. They tend to be easier going and need fewer walks and playtime as a puppy would need. Most older dogs just want to cuddle up and relax with their parents! They are also great companions for families with busy schedules and older parents.

3. Senior pets are great for first-time pet owners.

Having a pet of any shape or size is a time and money commitment and requires a lot of responsibility to make sure the pet is well taken care of. Adopting a senior dog who is more independent and does not need much training can be perfect for the first-time pet owner!

4. Senior pets have less surprises!

Senior dogs already have already grown up and their personality is there to stay, whereas with a puppy you risk them growing more than you planned or their personality changing over time! For prospective pet parents who may not be ready for such big changes, a senior pet is the perfect fit. Health issues are a common concern among senior dogs, but shelters are very transparent with potential owners about what kind of medical care they could need.

5. Senior pets still have a sense of adventure.

Even though older pups might not be quite as full of energy, they still want to go out and adventure with their parents! Senior pets adjust comfortably to their owner's schedules. So go ahead—bring your dog to the trails with you. They will more than likely tire out at the same time as you!

6. Older pets deserve love, too!

Senior pups spend nearly 4 times as long on adoption sites than young puppies. When you adopt a senior dog, you are giving them a second chance during their golden years.

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