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Keep your Dogs Active this Winter

Colder weather, shorter days, and the hustle and bustle of holidays can make it difficult for humans and dogs alike to stay active. Just like humans, it is very important for our furry friends to maintain a healthy body and active social life. If you notice that your pup has had sudden changes in behavior, attitude, or personality, your dog may be trying to tell you that they need to get some exercise. This is especially true for larger, more active breeds like Labradors, Retrievers, Border Collies, or Australian Shepherds. Here are some tips for keeping your dog happy, healthy, and active during colder months.

Dayplay at Woof's!

At Woof's Play & Stay, our facilities are specifically designed to encourage active playtime for dogs of all energy levels, ages, breeds, and sizes. Our play yards have engaging equipment, and our packleaders frequently plan fun game days for the dogs. Be sure to follow our social media pages to find out about bubble days, tennis ball frenzies, and photo contests. Our skilled trainers will work with your dog - no matter their age - to help guide their behavior and teach them good manners, and our groomers can make sure they are looking their best. Your dogs will get to make friends with humans and other dogs, and our staff will take great care of them. You can check in at anytime by logging into our 24/7 webcams. If the weather is too cold to play outside, our indoor yards will keep the pups safe, warm, and dry while they play.

Make Mealtime Fun

Dogs are naturally hunting animals, so they are used to working for their food. Investing in a slow feeder like one of these can give your dog a little more playtime. Slow feeders also encourage healthy digestion. If your pup is prone to eating too fast, they could be bloated or suffer from indigestion. When they eat more slowly, their tummies will thank you. Finally, slow feeder dog bowls also help with portion control. When dogs eat too fast, they may still feel hungry, and ask for more food. When they slow down their eating, they may feel full earlier and stop eating. This helps ensure your pup doesn't take in unnecessary calories and keeps off extra weight.

Make Treat-time Fun Too!

There are tons of toys out there to help encourage your dog to be active when it comes to their treats, and motivate them to reinforce positive behaviors. At Woof's, we love sharing Kongs with your pup. Kongs are great, because you can fill it up with your pet's favorite flavor of treat (we recommend peanut butter!) and they can be entertained for hours! These sturdy toys are great for training your pups to stop chewing, and provide them with comfort when they are crate training or struggling with separation anxiety. Be sure to find the right size for your dog's teeth. You can even make it a game by playing "Find the Kong" with your dog so they get practice tracking down the delicious treat!

For more activities and fun, give us a call to book your dayplay or nightstay reservation today!

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