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Independence Day Do's & Don'ts as a Pet Owner

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

It’s that time of year when people are gearing up for their 4th of July festivities and get togethers! To us, it’s a time to celebrate with friends and family, have a cookout, and shoot fireworks off. However, our furry family members don’t understand the celebration, and many are very fearful this time of year. There are many risks associated with the 4th of July due to stressed including dogs injuring themselves, others, or even running away.

So how can you tell if your dog is sensitive to fireworks? Look for these signs:

· Hiding

· Drooling (more than normal)

· Cowering during loud noises

· Pacing

· Constant barking

· Climbing you or pressing themselves up against you

Follow these do’s and don’ts to help your pup have a safe holiday!

Don’t: Assume they’ll “get over it”

  • Once dogs are fearful of something, it is hard to break them of that fear. Noises are a big trigger for dogs and it’s important to understand that year after year they won’t get use to it.

Do: Keep them indoors

  • If you are confining them indoors while you are outside, there are a few tactics that may help them feel more comfortable. Create a safe space in a room that they will not be able to escape from, but one that they are familiar with. Turn on the TV or some music to help distract them from the sounds outside. Close the blinds and make sure they have a bed, toys, access to water, and anything else they like to have. If your dog is extra fearful, you may need to look into anti-anxiety shirts or wraps for them, and even medication. Talk to your vet about if they have any over the counter or prescription medications to help ease their anxiety.

Don’t: Force them to be outside with you

  • Even if they are normally outdoor dogs, consider an indoor option for your pup during the holiday.

Do: Make sure their microchip and or ID tags are up to date

  • It is not uncommon for a dog to try to “escape” the sound of fireworks, so make sure that if that were to happen and someone found them, they could easily get contact you.

Don’t: Leave firework trash on the ground

  • Picking up firework trash or debris as soon as possible helps reduce the risk of a dog ingesting it. It is easy to be tired after a day of celebrating and want to pick it up in the morning, but that puts your own dogs and other dogs at risk. If dogs eating firework debris it can cause life threatening issues and some firework debris is toxic.

Do: Consider boarding them

  • At Woof’s our walls are nearly soundproof so dogs won’t notice the booming of fireworks. Boarding your dog ensures they are being watched by attentive Packleaders, allowing you to travel or enjoy the holiday without worrying about your dog! Bonus: we have web cameras so you can check in on your pup whenever you want!

Looking for more tips on how to keep your dog comfortable during your summer festivities? Reach out to Woof's and we can help you!

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