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How to Navigate Holiday Travel with Your Pup

The holiday season is upon us and for those who travel to see loved ones, it can be hard to plan the best way to transport your furry family members to where you need to go. This month, we are touching on some best practices that can help and be applied in your journey.

Whether traveling by car just a few hours away or across the country, you will need to allow extra time in your itinerary for potty breaks for your pup. The size and age of your dog may dictate the number of times and length these breaks need to be. For example, if you pup is bigger, their bladder can hold more than a smaller dog but will need longer breaks to stretch their legs.

Speaking of car travel, be sure to address any issues that may come up for your pup during the trip such as getting car sick or any travel anxiety beforehand. The best way to handle this is by speaking with your veterinarian about ways to combat the problems like medicine or other treatments. Also, packing a pet accident clean up kit may save some headaches should an accident occur.

To ensure your pups overall safety, they should be buckled into the seat properly with a harness combo or something similar.

If you travel by airplane with your pup, this takes a little more planning to execute. Experts suggest avoiding airplane travel if possible as it causes much stress on your pup, especially if they are a bigger dog that has to fly in the cargo hold. Do your research on your breed of pup before flying as breeds more prone to heart issues, breathing problems, and heatstroke should never fly in the cargo hold. Along with this, check for certain requirements your airline might have for your pet, such as extra paperwork and vet letters they may need.

If you aren’t sure if you want to bring your pup with you this season, boarding your pup at a local facility may ease your stress. Woof’s Play & Stay is a great place to start your search, your pup’s home away from home.

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