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Halloween Anxiety Tips & Tricks for Dogs

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

It’s officially spooky season and while humans are getting very excited, we need to consider our furry family members who might be feeling more spooked! While the 4th of July can be scary for dogs, holidays that center around strangers wearing unusual clothes can be spooky too. If your dog has any anxiety about Halloween, check out these tips!

How can I tell if my dog has anxiety?

Like humans, many dogs have anxiety. Here is a list of what to watch out for to determine if your dog is suffering from anxiety.

1. Destructive Behavior: If your normally well-behaved dog begins chewing, scratching or otherwise destroying things in your home, they may be nervous. Additionally, if your dog suddenly barks or jumps at people they wouldn't, it can be a sign of fear.

2. Isolative Behavior: Scared dogs frequently will go find a safe space that gives them comfort, so if your regularly social pooch suddenly prefers to hide in their kennel or bed, you may need to help calm them.

3. Irregular Potty: Is your dog potty trained but is suddenly having accidents?

4. Changes in Appetite: Has your dog lost their appetite when they typically do well with eating?

The biggest thing to watch for when it comes to anxiety with any dog (any time of the year) is a sudden change in any of the above behaviors. You know your pup better than anyone, so you will be the first to know if something is wrong!

How can I help reduce their anxiety?

1. Reduce Noise: For some dogs, noise can be a major stressor for them. Even if your neighborhood is typically quiet, dogs will be confused by all the foot traffic and doorbell ringing. If you do not want people coming to your door, try putting a friendly sign up telling them you are not participating in Halloween festivities. Playing the TV, a radio, or a sound machine to help muffle the sound of ghosts and goblin costumed people outside your door can also be helpful.

2. Doggie Daycare or Boarding Facility: If you know that your neighborhood will have many of the things stressing your dog out, consider boarding your dog or utilizing dog daycare during Halloween. That way, you can participate in the festivities, and your dog gets to hang out with their friends as well!

3. Eliminate Costumes: If costumes or masks seem to make your dog uneasy, try to not wear one yourself. It is hard for dogs to recognize you or people they know in a costume, so minimizing it as much as possible can help.

4. Use their Kennel: If your dog finds their crate or kennel to be a safe place, consider keeping them in their where they will feel the safest.

5. Use a Leash: - Dogs do not understand when people keep ringing the doorbell, and they may try to bolt out the door when given the opportunity. Consider having them wear a leash around the house, so that if they do try to make a run for it, they can be stopped easier.

6. CBD: - CBD is a great thing for helping dogs with anxiety during unsettling times. This method can be used along with the other options listed to help them calm down. You can purchase CBD at many local places, including our own Woof’s CBD Chews and Tinctures available in-store for purchase!

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