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Adapting to Changes with Your Pup

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

With COVID-19 affecting everyone’s lives in one way or another, many found themselves at home a lot more in the past year. For their pets, this was great news. More cuddles, play time, walks and much more! Now that lifestyles seem to be changing again, with many people returning to work, separation stress is more prominent than ever before.

What is Separation Anxiety?

Separation stress is a term applied to a variety of behavior that can occur when a dog is left by themselves. This is also known as separation anxiety or separation distress. There are many levels of separation stress and the severity of behaviors associated with this issue can include: pacing, panting, or drooling, vocalization, inability to settle, hovering near doors, house-soiling, destructiveness, self-injury, or attempts to escape.

What is Codependency?

Codependency is a broad term, and it can be seen in relationships between human and their dogs. It can mean that a person’s emotional attachment to their dog (and vice versa) is such that they rely on the dog for comfort, companionship, and attention.

When a relationship between a dog and their owner is co-dependent, it may mean that neither party can relax when the other is away. This can cause poor behavior from the dog when their owner is away and become a real issue.

How can you Prevent a Codependent Relationship?

To prevent a codependent relationship, you should socialize your puppy from the beginning, get them used to other people and pets. Of course, in a safe and controlled environment. You want your puppy to have a positive experience when learning how to adapt and cope in a new environment.

Socializing your pup should be more than just interacting with other dogs. It should include new sounds, smells, objects, and environments. When your pup behaves positively with these new changes, there needs to be positive re-enforcement to reward the good, calm behavior.

Socialization during key developmental periods is vital for a dog’s well-being, it doesn’t stop there! A dog who continues to keep up socialization throughout its life is better able to adapt to change and cope with stress. This can help prevent codependency with their owner by allowing a dog to live independently. Your pup never stops learning, so continue to expose them to new environments when possible.

Ways to Engage your Pup:

  • Teaching new commands or new tricks

  • Group training classes are great for these and allow a dog to be around new people and new dogs too

  • For more info on what types of training classes Woof’s offers, check out our website here

  • Exercise your dog in different ways

    • Walk new routes

    • Play games with toys

    • Use puzzle toys with meals

  • Bring your dog to Woof’s Play & Stay where they will meet new dogs and people while also getting physical and mental energy out

    • This also provides pet parents a way to be apart from their pup with peace of mind by watching our Live Webcams on our website

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