• Morgan R.

8 Reasons Daycare is Good for your Dog

Have you been using doggie daycare for years and wonder what all you and your pup are getting from the experience? Or, are you exploring daycare options and wondering if daycare is right for your pup? Here are our top 8 reasons that daycare is good for your dog!

1. Socialization

Many dogs love being able to socialize with their pals both canine and human. A telling sign that your dog would enjoy social settings is how they react to neighbor dogs, and dogs on walks. If they are consistently showing interest in your neighbors’ dogs and seem excited, they probably would do well in a social environment and benefit from interactions with other dogs. Socialization is also not limited to just other dogs! Your furry family member may love interacting with people. Daycare at Woof's provides the opportunity for your dog to meet and bond with trained packleaders. That could be their favorite part of daycare, seeing all of the new human faces! Socialization is good for dogs because a pack mentality is in their DNA. Dogs are animals that generally enjoy the company of other animals and humans. Woof’s provides a great place for your dog to socialize with both other dogs and humans providing fun, safe, and supervised play groups for dogs to play and spend time with each other and packleaders!

2. Exercise

As it is important for humans, exercise is a key player in the overall health of dogs. It also can help different health issues such as diabetes, digestive issues, and destructive behavior. There are many ways that dogs can exercise both their minds and bodies in daycare. Our playrooms are designed to meet your dogs play and comfort needs! You may see on our web cameras that there is room full of dogs running around with each other! They may chase a ball, or wrestle. Those dogs are physically exercising themselves. You may also see a room of dogs that have a played a little, napped a little, and stood around watching each other. Those dogs are still getting exercise, but it might be more mental exercising as they watch what their friends do.

“My dog naps a lot while at daycare, I worry they won't be worn out”- Napping while at daycare is a wonderful thing! That means that your dog has learned how to let their body rest in an active environment. Just like toddlers, dogs needs that rest time during the day to help prevent crankiness later. So while you may see your dog napping, chances are they will still sleep well at home at night!

3. Stimulation: Mental & Physical

Dogs need to be stimulated both mentally and physically. It’s not just about trying to physically exhaust them (that can be a perk), but you also want their brain challenged. Woof’s offers many different enrichment activities and enhancements for your dogs. Woof’s helps to provide stimulation by adding various activities into pups days! Some big favorites of many of our pups are bubble days, where we use a bubble machine with bacon or peanut butter flavored bubbles. Woof’s also has tennis ball days, where they dump dozens of tennis balls in the play areas for the dogs to play with. These activities are a wonderful break from the physical stimulation they are getting through playing with their friends, and gives them a chance to use their brain!

4. Safety

Do you ever worry about your dog being able to escape while you are gone? Daycare provides a safe place for them to burn energy. They won’t be able to dig out of a fence or break out of a kennel under the supervision of the team members at daycare. Woof’s also has chew proof safe yard equipment for dogs to safely climb and run through. This also means that your home would be safe from any destructive behaviors that they might show.

Another benefit is for those dogs that get anxious in certain unpreventable situations. Is your dog afraid of thunder? Many dogs have done well in a storm being surrounded by their canine and human friends! Do you ever worry about a thunderstorm happening while you are at work, or what your dog will do at home during the 4th of July firework time? By providing a nearly soundproof building, calming music, and the hustle and bustle of other dogs, many dogs don’t even know that a storm or fireworks are going on around them! Along with safety, it is very relieving to know that your dog is in a place where they aren’t causing any harm to themselves or your home. There are not crates that they can try to break out of, and with the physical and mental stimulation they would be receiving, they are less likely to seek out negative action due to boredom.

Do you hear thunder rolling and you are worried how your dog is doing at Woof's? Check out our cameras! We have cameras in all indoor and outdoor play yards as well as some overnight suites for piece of mind for you!

5. Attention

What is more reassuring than knowing your dog is getting the attention that they need? At Daycare they are constantly being talked to, pet, and reassured that they are a good boy or girl!

6. Routine Establishment

Dogs thrive on routine! Many love to know that they are going to “school” during the day, and then that you will pick them up and relax with them at home. This can also make them a much more pleasant “roommate” when they have had a busy day just like you have. Bonus for you: some months Woof's has photo days for the daycare dogs!

7. Potty Breaks

No need to rush home over lunch to prevent any accidents! They are given the opportunity all day to relieve themselves outside, just like they would at home. Worried about how much mud they could track in during the rain? Woof’s is a mud free place! By installing special K-9 turf, the dog’s can’t dig any mud up even in the most torrential of rains. The k-9 turf has a special draining system that drains all the waste, while our employees are also constantly cleaning.

8. Learning Social Cues

Like children, they will learn a lot while at daycare. They aren’t just going to go and physically exhaust themselves. They will pick up on social cues from their friends like when they are done playing, they would like to be played with, or they are nervous. All of these things they would have learned in the wild with their “pack”, but they will get to do at daycare with their friends!

To learn more about what Woof’s has to offer, or to talk with one of our reservation specialists about if daycare is right for your dog, give us a call or message us today!