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Play & Train

Does your dog bark every time someone is at the door? Do the pull against their leash when you take them on a walk? Do they jump on every new person they meet? Then it might be time for you to bring them to Woof’s for Play and Train!


This service gives dogs one-on-one time with our experienced trainers while also letting them play with their friends in our play yards. Pups get the stimulation of being around other dogs, while also having time to work on the specific skills you want your dog to focus on.


Our trainers can work on a variety of skills from basic obedience to correcting problem behaviors. There is no time like the present to start your dog’s journey, so call today to schedule your consultation with our trainer!


Full Days: $35/day

5-Day Pack

Full Days: $150

Private Training

Private classes allow you and your pup to work with our trainers on specific skills. These one-hour classes can be helpful on their own, or in tandem with Play & Train services.

If you are looking for individual guidance on training your pup, look no further than our Private Classes. During these one-hour sessions, our trainer will guide you and your pup, not only teaching them skills and positive behavior, but also showing you skills to practice at home.


Meet our Trainer

Mary Vernon

I am a retired physician whose lifelong hobby was dogs and horses. I had the opportunity to learn from some of the best, especially in competitive agility. Now I have the fun of training dogs everyday! My focus today is on helping family dogs be successful at home and in social situations. We have a program designed to decrease owner stress and increase dog confidence, making training accessible and rewarding for all involved. Seeing our participants success on a daily basis is a wonderful reward for owner and trainer.