Overland Park, KS

Enhanced DayPlay Prices

Overland Park

Woofpack Membership

Best for pups that regularly use our doggy daycare. This option has the best daily value, makes it easy to budget, guarantees your pup's spot, and gets you exclusive perks! When you sign up, we lock these rates in for your pup's lifetime.

Perks ($38 monthly value):

        (with 2 weeks' notice or 3 weeks' notice for holiday)

5 Days/Month


10 Days/Month


15 Days/Month


Unlimited Days/Month


Dog Daycare Packages

Best for pups that occasionally use DayPlay

  • Full Day: Over 5 hours

  • Half Day: Under 5 hours

Drop-In Rates: 

  • Full Day: $24

  • Half Day: $15

5-Day Pack

Full Days: $110 

Half Days: $70 

10-Day Pack

Full Days: $210 

Half Days: $132 

20-Day Pack

Full Days: $400

Half Days: $250 

30-Day Pack

Full Days: $570

Half Days: $354