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September Football Season is Here!

Fall is just around the corner; school is in session and that means football season is here! As we get excited for game days, we thought it would be fun to put together a lineup of breeds in football positions. Offense, defense, and special teams lineups are listed below.



Golden Retriever – Good looking, athletic, and intelligent quarterback. Your good ole boy that knows how to keep the team morale high.

Running Back:

French Bulldog and American Bully – These guys pack a punch and will find the break always for small bursts of yardage needed in a run. They also aren’t afraid of a dog pile!

Siberian Husky – Built for playoff weather. Fast and powerful, willing to run though the line, and take the hits needed to move up the field.

Wide Receivers:

Greyhound – The cheetahs of the dog world. On the field they are capable of lightning speed and able to beat out any opponents when running for a pass.

Labrador Retriever – High energy with intensity and skill, being a retriever insists that they have good ball catching skills.

Australian Shepherd – The perfect combination of speed and agility; not the biggest guys on the field, making them a great choice for a slot receiver.

Tight End:

Doberman Pinscher – Strong and sleek with a confidence stance. Highly athletic, able to catch, jump, and run fast. Dobermans won’t be afraid of taking some tackles, they have TE covered.

German Shepard – Well rounded with athleticism and extremely explosive. They are smart and able to read plays quickly, allowing them to make momentum changing plays.


Saint Bernard and Newfoundland – These big guys are going to be a brick house that lets no one in on their quarterback! Big, hairy, and slobber galore are perfect traits the O-line needs!


Great Pyrenees – Bred to guard their herd and won’t be afraid to make a tackle. They will ensure that the quarterback won’t get sacked!


Bernese Mountain Dog – Intelligent and stubborn. This allows them to call out any adjustments needed at the line and keep the other guys heads in the game!

Special Teams is a mix of water dogs that are not the biggest or smallest guys on the field. Highly intelligent pups, this makes them the perfect pack to execute the job necessary to throw extra points on the board.

Kicker/ Punter: Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Long Snapper: Portuguese Water Dog

Holder: Boykin Spaniel


Defensive End:

Rottweiler – Calm, confident, and in control as guard dogs. This makes them the perfect line of defense from wide receivers and running backs.

Cane Corso -They have the size and strength to sit on the D-line and are surprisingly quick on their feet!

Defensive Tackle:

Bulldog – This position requires a player with tackle strength and speed. The lower body will be the dominate point of strength. This makes the Bulldog perfect for the job!

Mastiffs – Big and strong with confidence to take down any opponent crossing their path!


Pit Bulls – Have the athletic ability to be able to adjust on the fly, stop the run, and the pass. This position requires a better read of the offense and quick enough to stop the play.


Jack Russell Terrier – CB needs to be fast and athletic. Size isn’t too important for this position, however, CB needs to be able to run, jump, and defend passes.


Boxer- Hyper and athletic. Boxers will be the perfect line of defense to catch any pup that sneaks through the tough D-line.

Belgian Malinois – These pups can make tackles. They are clever and fantastic jumpers, preparing them to be a sturdy opponent against any receiver!

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