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Enhanced DayPlay Prices

Woofpack Membership

Best for pups that regularly use DayPlay. This option has the best daily value, makes it easy to budget, guarantees your pup's spot, and gets you exclusive perks! When you sign up, we lock these rates in for your pup's lifetime.

Perks ($43 monthly value):

        (with 2 weeks' notice or 3 weeks' notice for holiday)

Full days only; days and perks expire each month. Woofpack membership will auto renew every month on the date you sign up and can be cancelled with 48 hours’ notice before renewal date. Valid for one pup only. Call for 10% discount for additional pups in same household.


5 Days/Month



10 Days/Month



15 Days/Month




Unlimited Days/Month


  • Best for pups that occasionally use DayPlay

  • Good for one year from date of purchase

  • Full Day: Over 5 hours

  • Half Day: Under 5 hours

Drop-In Rates: 

  • Full Day: $26

  • Half Day: $18

5-Day Pack

Full Days: $120 ($24/day)

Half Days: $80 ($16/day)

10-Day Pack

Full Days: $230 ($23/day)

Half Days: $150 ($15/day)

20-Day Pack

Full Days: $420 ($21/day)

30-Day Pack

Full Days: $570 ($19/day)

Play & Train

We don't just take care of your furry family members, we want you to go home with a better pup!

We can work with your dog to make sure they are comfortable and happy during DayPlay and getting the most out of their time at Woof's.


Trying to learn a new skill? We can work on leash training, recall commands, "leave it", invisible fence training and more.


Full Days: $40/day

5-Day Pack

Full Days: $190

10-Day Pack

Full Days: $360