For Your Pup


Help your pup manage different situations throughout the day


Commands help keep your pups safe when they're

off-leash or with people

We are excited to offer a wide variety of pup training services! At most of our locations, we have

traditional group classes, behavior-focused group classes, and private lessons available for you and your pup.

For You, The Parent

Quality Time


Better communicate with your pups by learning their body language and signals 

Spend time getting to know your pup and strengthening your bond

For You & Your Pup

6 one-hour sessions to help your pup sit, stay, leave it, heel, and more

4 one-hour sessions to help your pup retrieve, walk without a leash, return to “place,” and more

Leash Pulling

Food/Toy Agression


Jumping Up


Leave It

Limit the Barking


One-hour classes on these topics:

One-on-one time with our trainer. Choose from any of the above topics.

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