Woof's Dog Training

Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks never tried taking their pup to Woof’s! Whether your best friend is a young pup or an older dog, our dog trainers can work with them to correct behaviors, socialize with other dogs, and learn new skills.
During play and train, your dog will have time in the play yards to make friends and have fun, while also getting one-on-one time with trainers. Depending on your needs, our qualified trainers will customize your dog’s training, providing you with tools you can use at home to reinforce behaviors.
We can work on basic obedience as well as targeting problem behaviors. We’re here to help your dog become the best version of themselves. We also offer group training and private training classes at some of our locations. 


Play & Train
If you recently adopted a new puppy, you might be feeling overwhelmed with their training. It’s important to socialize pups and start their training from a young age, but it can be difficult to do on your own; that’s why Woof’s offers Puppy Preschool for pups less than a year old!
Puppies will spend time socializing in playgroups and will also be exposed to new sights and sounds to ensure they grow up into well-rounded pups. Puppy Preschool offers a balance of play, exposure to new experience, and rest to ensure puppies are learning how to be the best versions of themselves.
Group Training Classes
Our group training classes allow you and your pup to learn together. Taught by one of our professional dog trainers, these classes usually run for 5 weeks, with a 1 hour session each week at the Woof's location. 


Our dog trainers will give you and your pup homework to work on in between classes. At the end of the 5 weeks there is a graduation ceremony for all the pups and parents! 

Private Training Classes 
Private classes allow you and your pup to work with our trainers on specific skills. These one-hour classes can be helpful on their own, or in tandem with Play & Train services.

If you are looking for individual guidance on training your pup, look no further than our Private Classes. During these one-hour sessions, our trainer will guide you and your pup, not only teaching them skills and positive behavior, but also showing you skills to practice at home.