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Play & Train Prices

Play & Train

We don't just take care of your furry family members, we want you to go home with a better dog!

We can work with your dog to make sure they are comfortable and happy during DayPlay and getting the most out of their time at Woof's.


Trying to learn a new skill? We can work on leash training, recall commands, "leave it", and more.

Puppy Preschool

Puppies 3-6 months old can participate in our Puppy Preschool. These training sessions give your puppy a solid foundation to become the best version of themselves. 

Your pup will learn:

  • Appropriate play with puppies

  • Guided socialization with dogs of different ages

  • Introduction to basic manners including walking on a leash

  • Scheduled rest time with crate training 


Full Days: $40/day

5-Day Pack

Full Days: $190

10-Day Pack

Full Days: $370

Meet our Trainer

Maeve Harvey

I have always had a passion for working with dogs. Being able to see the bonds that can be created between dogs and humans has always fascinated me. Training has allowed me not only to help dogs become better members of their family’s pack, it also allows me to teach people how to communicate with their pets. Through positive reinforcement, we are opening up those lines of communication and showing our dog exactly what we are asking from them. To see the wheels start turning inside a dogs mind and to see how happy they get when we are happy is the most rewarding feeling. It’s what makes dog training my passion.

Trainer Reviews 

My husband and I are extremely pleased with our Goldendoodle's dog training sessions with Maeve at Woof's Play & Stay.  She did an outstanding job of teaching him how to sit, stay and correcting a few bad behaviors he displayed when going on walks.  He is much better on a leash. Max’s behavior changed so much during his 5 week training sessions. He can be very stand offish when it comes to people that he does not know, but with Maeve it is completely different, he gets so excited when he sees her. From day 1, Maeve welcomed Max with open arms. When he first started his training with her he barked so much once entering the building, but she assured him that everything was okay and he calmed down a little. He eventually got to the point where he did not bark at all when he entered the building. 

Maeve went out of her way to check up on Max after his training sessions ended. I really appreciated that because it showed that she truly cared. I would highly recommend her for your pet's training needs. 




Kendra T.