Paying Attention

I always get one question from folks when they find out I am a dog trainer. “What can I do to make my dog pay attention to me?” Well that’s a bit like asking what a person can do to get better gas mileage.  Trust me; there are more than just one or two answers! And of all the things I could teach them, the one thing that will produce the fastest and biggest change in a dog’s behavior is to hand feed your dog. After all, how can we teach your dog anything specific if they are not paying attention?

(1 hour class)


How to Stay

There are three versions of stay (Duration, Distance and Distraction) if not taught in the right order with enough practice in each stage… Most folks find Stay a very frustrating command to teach. We will focus on the individual stages of the command, including practice games for home. In no time with practice you will have a pooch that amazes the neighbors

(2 one-hour classes)


Leash Walking

Why do dogs pull? Well the simple answer is it works😊 We don’t give dogs enough credit at times, while as humans we do all sorts of dumb things for no reason at all. Our four-legged canine counterparts only do things that work or that produce a result! So how do we stop pulling we teach a more rewarding behavior to replace it. It’s not hard but does take practice and I will show you the routines to get that puller to pay attention

(2 one-hour classes)


Recall/Come When Called

The goal of this class is how to get you pooch to come back to you when you call them. My primary goal is to get you to think about dog training in a different way! I hope to give you a new way to look at your dog, as well as a very successful set of techniques that will have your dog coming when called on a regular and consistent basis.

(2 one-hour classes)


Jumping Up

This class is about how to teach your dog not to jump up on people but without focusing on JUMPING UP. Rather we focus on teaching what we want Fido to do instead of the JUMP! It is a funner, easier and more humane way to interact with your dog. Remember Ignore the Bad and Reward the Good or as I like to call it Keep It Simple Stupid!

(2 one-hour classes)


Potty Training

Is Fido peeing and pooping in all the wrong spots? Are you pulling your hair out? Well this class will teach you how to get Fido to "GO" in the right place, at the right time and even improve the way the two of you communicate.

I don't promise fast results — there is no magic bullet or Jedi mind tricks to fix the potty training issue! Instead, I teach you how to speak Dog as a Second Language (DASL) to tell Fido what behaviors you want and when you want them!

(1 hour class, without your dog present)