Manhattan, KS


Play & Train Prices

Play & Train

We don't just take care of your furry family members, we want you to go home with a better pup!

We can work with your dog to make sure they are comfortable and happy during DayPlay and getting the most out of their time at Woof's.


Trying to learn a new skill? We can work on leash training, recall commands, "leave it", invisible fence training and more.


Full Days: $40/day

5-Day Pack

Full Days: $190

10-Day Pack

Full Days: $360


Puppy Preschool Prices

Puppies up to 6 months old can participate in Puppy Preschool and will be introduced to:

  • Appropriate play styles with other puppies

  • Different sights, sounds, and surfaces in a safe, controlled environment

  • Older/large dogs with pack leader supervision to ensure safe and appropriate play

  • Crate training with plenty of rest time

  • Walking on a leash

  • Grooming familiarization

10-Day Pa

Daily Activities:

  • Puppy Play Group

    • Practice play styles with soft toys​

    • Introduce new sounds, sights & surfaces

    • Review basic manners

  • Crate training 

  • Practice walking on a leash

  • 3 one-on-one sessions

  • Introduction to older dogs

Daily Rate

Full Day (5+ Hours)


Half Day


5-Day Pack

Full Day (5+ Hours)


Half Day


10-Day Pack

Full Day (5+ Hours)


Half Day