Woof's Columbia


Enhanced DayPlay Prices

Woofpack Membership

For pups that visit us frequently, our Woofpack memberships provide members-only perks.


Sign up today and lock your rates in for the lifetime of your pup – so you’ll never pay more than you do today! Your pup will also enjoy a monthly spa treatment, where they will have a free bath, blow dry, and nail file/buff.

Full days only; days and perks expire each month. Woofpack membership will auto renew every month on the date you sign up and can be cancelled with 48 hours’ notice before renewal date. Valid for one pup only. Call for 10% discount for additional pups in same household.

5 Days/Month


10 Days/Month


15 Days/Month


Unlimited Days/Month


Dog Daycare Packages

If your pup is a more occasional visitor, consider buying a package of dayplay days. These are good for up to one year after purchase, and can be used any day of the week! We have options for half day packages (under 5 hours) and full day packages, so there’s something for everyone!


5-Day Pack

Full Days: $140 ($28/day)

Half Days: $90 ($18/day)

10-Day Pack

Full Days: $270 ($27/day)

Half Days: $170 ($17/day)

20-Day Pack

Full Days: $500 ($25/day)

30-Day Pack

Full Days: $690 ($23/day)

Woof's DayPlay

All dogs need socialization, just like humans do. During a day of Enhanced DayPlay at Woof’s, your dog will make friends with other humans and dogs. They’ll play on our doggy playground equipment, romp with tennis balls, and chase bubbles! At Woof’s, we go the extra mile to reinforce positive play behaviors. Check in on your pup at anytime throughout the day by logging into our webcams. To make sure your dog is put with the best group of pups to match their energy level and size, we ask all new dogs to complete a free meet & greet. Simply drop your dog off for about 4-5 hours at Woof’s so we can meet them! Drop your pup off today for enhanced dayplay and bring home a happy, sleepy dog at the end of the day.