Woof's at Home

Home is where the heart is, and now it's also where Woof’s is! With our in-home services, you can rest assured that your furry, feathery, and fishy family members are comfy and cozy at home while you’re away.

For Your Pets


To make sure your pet has plenty of love and affection


To ensure your pet has plenty of stimulation and exercise while you're away

Flexible Scheduling

To cater to your pup’s needs for feeding, playtime, walks, and more

Medication Administration

To ensure medications are administered in a professional and timely manner

For You, The Parent

Peace of Mind

To know your pet is in good hands while you're away from home

Digital 'Pupdates'

Updates and photos so you can see what your pets are up to

Clean Up

So you don't have any messes to clean up when you get home

Household Chores

Grabbing the mail or watering the plants so you don't have to worry about it


To ensure everything is safe and in order while you're away

For You & Your Pet

Each visit could include:

Potty Breaks 

Yard Playtime


Waste Cleanup

Medication Administration

Household Chores

Food & Water Checks

Get Mail

Turn on Lights

Water Plants