About Us


Woof's isn't just a job for Andy Wiltz, the owner of Woof's Play & Stay. After more than 10 years of strategy consulting, Andy moved back to Kansas and became the owner of Woof's. He studied Entrepreneurship at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, then started working in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, overseas in Africa, Asia and Europe. When Andy had the opportunity to acquire Woof's, he jumped on it. His two dogs, Brizo and Oliver, are regulars at Woof's and love it just as much as he does. Andy spends most of his days doing anything he can at Woof's (excluding grooming).  Some days he is in the yards with the dogs playing, or he is up front telling stories to the customers about their dogs and showing them pictures on his phone.

At night, Andy goes home to his wife Angie, and their two kids, Sydney and Rhett. When he does have free time, he likes to work on projects in his backyard, watch Baylor sports, or participate in marathon kayak racing.